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Martingale Collar

Martingale Collar

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The Martingale collar is the perfect training tool to help with your pup. Being made out of BioThane® it means that it's super sturdy and long-lasting so you can be assured that it will not break anytime soon. The collar is long-lasting, waterproof, mould-resistant, and easy to clean. The collar is also kind on your pup’s skin and fur, so you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt.

These collars are perfect for the dogs who love to swim, roll around in the mud, splash in puddles, and of course roll around in fox poo! They are perfect for owners who want to be able to wash their collars and leads fast so they are clean and good as new fast.
To pick your colour, please add a note at the end of the order or send me a message.

Hand wash only for this item. Following contact with salt water, it is highly recommended to fully rinse the lead with fresh water to reduce tarnishing and corrosion of the metal hardware. We also recommend drying leads after each use to preserve the metal hardware and keep it
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